Outmos is one of Melbourne's best pergola stores. We have DIY single, double, and wall-mounted pergolas you can use to enhance your outdoor space. We also sell high-quality pergola brackets.

Doesn't matter if you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional, you can easily install our pergola by following the step-by-step video we provided.

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Outdoor Wood Pergola Kits

Craft an Exquisite Pergola

Simplify pergola construction with the Modular Pergola Bracket. Easy assembly, customization, and durability for all, ensuring a stunning, stable outdoor space. Experience convenience and quality for your dream pergola project.

What Kind of Pergola do we have?

Pergola Offer Flexibility

Tailor your outdoor space with Outmos Pergola. Diverse pergola and bracket options for a customized look. Use extension brackets for size flexibility and rafter brackets for design freedom. Add timber and reach out to us or browse online for easy purchase.

Pergola installation tutorial video and unboxing

Modular Pergola Bracket

The Modular Pergola Bracket simplifies assembly, offering flexibility and durability. Ideal for DIYers and pros, it ensures precise alignment, creating a reliable, beautiful pergola for any space. Enjoy convenience and quality for your dream project.