Transform Your Outdoors with the Best DIY Pergola in Australia

Outmos Pergola presents you with an economical and swift solution for constructing pergolas. Whether you opt for wood pergola kits or louvred pergola kits, both will transform your backyard into a spacious and shaded haven.

Outmos is Australia's premier pergola supplier, offering a comprehensive range of pergola products, including louvred pergolas and pergola brackets kits.

Frequently Asked Pergola Questions

General Questions

Where are you located?
How can you bring good price & good quality at the same time?
What is the expected dispatch time for orders?
The advantages of using pergola brackets to construct a pergola
The advantages of using an aluminium louvred pergola

Louvred Pergola Questions

What are the available options for OUTMOS Louvred Pergola?
Is the height adjustable?
Is it easy to self-assemble?
Can the OUTMOS pergola be moved once assembled?
Can the OUTMOS pergola withstand any weather conditions?
What is the wind load of the OUTMOS pergola?
Is the roof of the OUTMOS pergola Rain-proof?
Is the OUTMOS pergola rust-proof?
Can this support a hanging chair?
How often should I maintain my OUTMOS pergola?
What foundation do I need for my OUTMOS pergola?
What’s the purpose of OUTMOS’s Shade Blind?
Are OUTMOS Shade Blinds suitable for use in high winds?

Pergola Bracket Kits Questions

What kind of wood is the most suitable for my project?
What is the recommended wood span?
Are the brackets suitable for use in regions with severe weather conditions?
Why is timber NOT included?
The advantages of using an aluminium louvred pergola