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Outmos Pergola presents you with an economical and swift solution for constructing pergolas. Whether you opt for wood pergola kits or louvred pergola kits, both will transform your backyard into a spacious and shaded haven. Build your DIY pergola today!

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Over the past decade, Outmos has helped Australians maximise their garden spaces. We share those cherished moments with our loved ones in the garden, and it's our mission to make those happy memories last.

This vision comes true through our splendid pergolas. Today, you can fulfil your garden makeover goals with Outmos’ pergola kits, displayed in our Melbourne showroom. You can see our Australian local stock and choose the one that fits your needs.

Why Outmos?

  • We give you the best price by eliminating up to 5 middlemen. This streamlined process ensures that you receive premium Aussie home luxury directly from the manufacturer at the most competitive price
  • Customers trust us because of our 25-year experience in the pergola market
  • Each of our pergolas has a 10-year warranty and a lifespan of over 30 years

Plus, we cater to your unique design and installation needs. We will give you guidance, DIY videos, tips, and tutorials to build your own perfect pergola. 

So, we warmly encourage you to place your order directly on our website to get the best price and customer service possible.

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Pergola Kits

Create an outdoor haven with Outmos' beautiful pergola kits. These pergola kits come with a detailed installation guide and how-to videos so you can install them yourself. Choose your favourite pergola kits model now and embrace the creative freedom to decorate your outdoor space.

Tailored for Australian weather

Our pergola kits customers are spread across Australia, and our products can adapt to all weather conditions in the country.

Experience from over 1000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐customers

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Louvred Pergola Questions

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Pergola Bracket Kits Questions

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